From May, an unemployed job-seekers will have to apply for four job opportunities in a month

In the Nordic labour market service model, job seekers receive individual support from the TE Office or municipality earlier and more intensively. In the future, jobseekers will have to apply for a certain number of job opportunities in order to maintain their right to unemployment security. When transitioning to the new model, sanctions related to unemployment benefit will be applied in stages.  

More personalized support for job search

The first encounter between a jobseeker and the TE office or municipal expert will take place faster than before, and the job seeker will receive support to seek employment more intensely than at present. The job seeker's chances of influencing their own job search are increasing. In the future, the jobseeker can usually decide for themselves what job opportunities they apply for and when. What is new is that the jobseeker must in principle apply for four job opportunities per month. The minimum number of places to be applied for (0 to 4) is set for each jobseeker on an individual basis. If there are shortcomings in the conditions of the jobseeker to apply for employment and get employed, they will get in the services faster.  

What if the jobseeker doesn't apply for a job as agreed?

Currently, a 60-day waiting period is imposed on a jobseeker if they do not apply for a job offered by the TE office. If the procedure is repeated, the right of unemployment security will cease until further notice. In the new model, a first-time negligence will be followed by a note that will not affect unemployment benefit. If the procedure is repeated, the TE Office sets a waiting period of 5 benefit days for the job applicant. If the procedure is repeated again, a waiting period of 10 benefit days follows. The jobseeker then loses their right to unemployment security for the time being.  

What if the job seeker refuses a job?

Currently, refusing a secure job without a valid reason leads to a 90-day waiting period. In the Nordic labour market service model, the TE office imposes a 45-day waiting period on a jobseeker if they refuse a certain job without a valid reason.  

More information

For more information on the Nordic labour market service model and changes in the services of the TE Office, visit the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment website and the TE Services website.