Amount of the restructuring protection allowance

The restructuring protection allowance is equivalent to one month’s salary. The amount is calculated taking into account your earnings during the 12 calendar months preceding your termination. The calculation also factors in, for example, holiday bonuses, holiday compensation and performance-based bonuses.  Your restructuring protection allowance will be this total divided by 12. The calculation factors in your wage or salary as well as any other earnings that
  • have been paid to you by the employer who terminated you,
  • are paid on the basis of the end of your employment relationship, and
  • are subject to unemployment insurance contributions.
Any wages or salaries paid by other employers are not taken into account. Example Your employer terminates your contract on financial or production-related grounds. You are given notice on 15 June 2023. Your restructuring protection allowance is calculated based on the wages that this employer paid you between 1 June 2022 and 31 May 2023. Your wages amount to EUR 36,000 in total. We will pay you a restructuring protection allowance of EUR 3,000 (36,000 / 12 = 3,000). Please note, that the 12-month period cannot be extended. Unpaid absences or partially paid periods prior to termination may reduce the amount of restructuring protection allowance. If no salary has been paid at all, no restructuring protection allowance can be paid.

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