Questions about part-time work and entrepreneurship

I found short-term work for a few days. Do I need to report something?

All employment relationships, including short-term gigs, must be reported to the unemployment fund. Report any work you do, even if the pay is below the exempt amount. For more information, see the section Exempt amount. Report any work you do in your application for earnings-related daily allowance. In the application, write down the employer’s name and the days and hours worked in the daily columns. Include the employment contract with your application. Earnings you earn from the work will be adjusted for the application period during which the earnings are paid. We receive information about your wages from part-time work from the Incomes Register, but there are sometimes details missing. If necessary, we will ask you or your employer for additional information regarding your wages. To speed up processing, you can include your payslip with your application. For more information about adjusted earnings-related daily allowance, see the section What is an adjusted allowance?  

I was offered part-time work. Approximately how much adjusted allowance could I receive?

All earnings in excess of the exempt amount affects the amount of your adjusted allowance. From your full daily allowance, we deduct 50% of your earnings during the adjustment period that exceed the exempt amount. The exempt amount is 300 euros per month or 279 per every four weeks. Earnings below the exempt amount will not reduce your daily allowance. Calculation formula with a one-month adjustment period: Full daily allowance - (0.5 x [earnings - 300] / 21.5) = 1 day of adjusted daily earnings-related allowance Example of the effect of income on a one-month adjustment period: Your full earnings-related allowance is €70 per day. You work for one week and receive €730 in pay before taxes. The exempt amount, €300, is deducted from your pay. Your earnings-related allowance is then adjusted taking into account half of the remaining portion of your wage (€430). This amount, €215, is divided by the number of workdays in the adjustment period (21.5). The daily amount (€10) is then deducted from your full earnings-related allowance. You will therefore receive an allowance of €60 per day. The above formula applies in most cases when calculating adjusted allowance. You can also estimate your adjusted allowance using the daily allowance calculator.  

I run a business. How does business income affect my earnings-related daily allowance?

You can receive earnings-related daily allowance if you are a part-time entrepreneur or have just started your business. Report your business activities to the TE Office. The TE Office investigates whether your business is full-time or part-time. If your business is considered full-time, you are not entitled to earnings-related daily allowance. However, if you started your business while unemployed on or after 1 January 2018, you can receive earnings-related daily allowance while running your business full time for the first four months after starting the business. Any business income you receive exceeding the exempt amount are taken into account in the adjustment and will reduce your amount of allowance. In your application, include your latest confirmed tax decision, including the breakdown of income and taxes. If your business is just starting out or your business income has changed significantly since the latest confirmed tax decision, include an account of the changed business income in your application. As with wage earnings, only the part of business income that exceeds the exempt amount is taken into account when adjusting your allowance. However, report all business income to the unemployment fund even if they are below the exempt amount. For more information, see the section Exempt amount.

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