Barriers to the payment of mobility allowances

We will not be able to pay you a mobility allowance if
  • you resign or your employment is terminated due to your own actions within two months of starting your job,
  • you are working full-time and your work and wages stop for at least one full day; mobility allowances granted on the basis of part-time work are only paid for days that you actually work,
  • you are receiving a maternity, special maternity, paternity, pregnancy, special pregnancy or parental allowance or have been granted leave due to pregnancy, childbirth or child care,
  • you are receiving full disability benefits or a rehabilitation allowance,
  • you are receiving an old-age pension, an early old-age pension or a years-of-service pension, or
  • you are receiving compensation for loss of earnings under the Accident Insurance Act or the Military Accident Insurance Act.
Allowance periods cannot be extended even if your mobility allowance payments are temporarily suspended due to one of the aforementioned barriers.

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