New features in eService

From now on, you can save your application as incomplete. In addition, when filling in the application, you receive salary and employment data from the Incomes Register. You can supplement any incomplete information yourself.  

Incomplete application

eService has a new function that allows you to save an incomplete application and return later to complete it. The date of receipt of the application is considered to be the day when you have filled in the application to the end and submitted it. When we examine whether your application has arrived to us on time, we take into account the date of storage of the incomplete application. We consider that your application has been initiated on the date that the application has not been completed.  

Incomes Register information for the application

The Incomes Register is a national electronic database that contains information on the salaries and benefits you have received. Unemployment funds have the right to retrieve their members’ records from the Incomes Register to make decisions on their allowance applications. With the new eService feature, the system brings employment and salary information from the Incomes Register for you to see when you fill in the application. You can supplement any incomplete information yourself, which reduces the need for requests for additional information when processing applications. However, it is not mandatory to supplement incomplete salary information. The system still requires some employment-related information to be filled in before an application can be submitted. You can see all your earnings payment details in the eService, the payment date of which is during the application period for earnings-related unemployment allowance. In the case of the first application, the information is also visible for the previous eight months. In follow-up applications, salary information is also displayed for possible periods between applications.