What is an adjusted allowance?

You can apply for an adjusted daily allowance from your unemployment fund if you work part-time or have a full-time contract of less than two weeks. Your earnings-related allowance will also be adjusted if you receive an income from running a business part-time or have been laid off with reduced daily working hours. ‘Adjustment’ means taking your income into account when calculating your earnings-related allowance. The amount of an adjusted allowance is therefore lower than the earnings-related allowance of someone who is fully unemployed. However, adjusted allowances can be paid for five days a week, including for the days you work. Please remember to mention in your application if you have worked or been paid during the application period. You must declare all work and self-employment regardless of the duration. Only income in excess of the exempt amount reduces your earnings-related allowance. The exempt amount is EUR 300 over a one-month application period and to EUR 279 over a four-week application. Please tell your unemployment fund about your income even if it does not exceed the exempt amount. For more information about the exempt amount, see Exempt amount.

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