Complaints procedure

If you believe that we have made a mistake or you disagree with our decision, you can challenge it. If you do not understand a decision that you have received from Unemployment Fund Aaria, tell us. We can walk you through our decision and the reasons behind it point by point. If it transpires that we have made a mistake, we will endeavour to correct it ourselves. If we cannot change our decision and you are still unhappy with it, you can file a complaint.  

What can I complain about?

Your complaint must relate to a specific decision issued by your unemployment fund. You therefore cannot complain about, for example, a payment notice or a labour policy statement given by the TE Office. If you disagree with the TE Office’s statement, you can challenge it by filing a complaint against the decision that your unemployment fund made based on that statement. Even though you are actually challenging the TE Office’s statement, your complaint must be against your unemployment fund’s decision.  

Where do I send my complaint and where will it be processed?

If you are dissatisfied with your unemployment fund’s decision, you can file a complaint against it with the Social Security Appeal Board. Please first send your complaint and your supporting documents to Unemployment Fund Aaria, so that we can check whether we can make the changes you want ourselves. If we cannot change our decision in a way that would make you happy, we will forward your complaint to the Social Security Appeal Board. If the Social Security Appeal Board rejects your complaint, you can appeal to the Insurance Court. Again, please send your appeal to us first, and we will forward it to the Insurance Court. The Insurance Court’s rulings are final and cannot be appealed. If you win the appeal, we will reopen your case and issue a new decision.  

What is the deadline for filing a complaint?

Your complaint must reach your unemployment fund no later than on the 30th day after you were notified of our decision. You have until midnight that day to file your complaint. We consider you to have been notified of our decision no later than on the seventh day after we post it to the address that you have provided. Try to get your complaint to your unemployment fund as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline. The Social Security Appeal Board and the Insurance Court will not entertain late submissions unless there is a very good reason.  

How do I file a complaint?

You will need to file your complaint in writing and address it to the Social Security Appeal Board. If you are appealing against the Social Security Appeal Board’s decision, your appeal must be addressed to the Insurance Court. Make sure to include in your complaint
  • the number of the decision that you wish to challenge,
  • the aspects of the decision that you want changed,
  • the changes that you want introduced,
  • your reasons for believing that the decision needs changing, and
  • your name, home town, address and telephone number.
If you have hired a legal representative or an agent to file the complaint on your behalf, or if you did not write the complaint yourself, make sure to also include the contact information (name, home town, address and telephone number) of that person. Enclose the decision that you are challenging with your complaint. Any documents that you base your claims on should also be appended to the complaint, if you have not already supplied them to your unemployment fund. You can also submit more evidence later. The complaint must be signed either by you or by your legal representative or agent. If you do not sign the complaint yourself and your representative is not an attorney or a public legal aid attorney, remember to enclose a power of attorney signed by you.  

How do I get the complaint to the recipient?

You can deliver your complaint to Unemployment Fund Aaria in person or send it via your agent, by post or by courier. Alternatively, you can use our eService. Our eService is encrypted. If you send your complaint by post, make sure to post it early enough for the documents, or the mail delivery notification card, to arrive before the deadline.

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