Amount of the mobility allowance

The amount of the mobility allowance is EUR 37,21 per day in 2024. The amount of the mobility allowance is not affected by, for example, social benefits that reduce the amount of your earnings-related allowance. You can apply for a child support supplement to your mobility allowance. The child support supplement until 31 March 2024 is
  • EUR 5,84 per day for one child,
  • EUR 8,57 per day for two children and
  • EUR 11,05 per day for three or more children.
For benefit days as of 1 April 2024, the right to the child supplement element of unemployment security will be abolished. You will receive a higher mobility allowance if your place of work or school is located more than 200 kilometres from your current place of residence. The amount of the increase is EUR 5,29 per day in 2024.  

Taxation of mobility allowances

The mobility allowance counts as taxable income, which your unemployment fund taxes at source on behalf of the Finnish Tax Administration. The amount of the tax deduction depends on your tax deduction card. See Taxation for more information.

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