The government proposes the expansion of unemployment funds’ functions

The government has submitted a proposal to Parliament to expand the functions of unemployment funds. According to the proposal, unemployment funds would be given the opportunity to offer their members new services that support further employment. This includes services, such as job placement, advisory and guidance services, evaluations, and training. The services offered by unemployment funds would not replace public employment and business services but would complement them. The provision of services and participation in them would be voluntary, and participation or non-participation would not affect the member's unemployment security. The services would be financed from the unemployment fund's own resources, and public funding would not be used for them.  

Entry into force

Please note that these legislative changes are not yet in force, and the content of the government's proposal may still change during the parliamentary process. The legislative changes are intended to come into force in the spring/summer of 2024. Unemployment Fund Aaria's council of representatives will discuss the matter at its meeting and make a decision on whether to implement the employment support services in Aaria. We will provide more information as we receive new information about the progress of the legislative changes and the potential implementation of the services in Aaria.