Who can receive an adjusted allowance?

You can apply for an adjusted allowance in the following circumstances:
  • You work part-time due to your employer’s circumstances
  • You have been given a full-time employment contract for a period not exceeding two weeks
  • Your working hours have been reduced due to a lay-off or circumstances comparable to a lay-off
  • You receive an income from part-time entrepreneurship or self-employment
  • You run a business full-time for a period not exceeding two weeks
You are deemed to be working part-time if your working hours do not exceed 80% of a full-time employee’s maximum working hours. Example: According to the applicable collective bargaining agreement, the maximum working hours of a full-time employee in your industry are 40 hours per week. You start a part-time job working 35 hours a week. 80% of 40 hours is 32 hours. Your working hours therefore exceed 80% of the maximum working hours and you are not entitled to an adjusted daily allowance. We can only pay you an adjusted allowance if you satisfy all the eligibility criteria for an earnings-related allowance. Please note that you must be registered as a job-seeker with the TE Office. For more information on the eligibility criteria for an earnings-related allowance, see Who can receive an earnings-related allowance?.

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