Applying for a mobility allowance

To apply for a mobility allowance, you will need to submit a written application to your unemployment fund. You will find the application form under Forms. You can apply for a mobility allowance as soon as you have agreed to start work. Please make sure to submit your mobility allowance application within the first three months of your employment or work-related training to avoid delays with your application. You can submit your application via our eService or send it by post to Elimäenkatu 5, 00510 Helsinki. Remember to enclose a copy of your employment contract or other similar evidence from your employer about the length of your employment and working hours with your application. Remember to include your average commute time in your application. If you use public transport, you can also include any waiting time between different modes of transport. Please do not include the time you spend, for example, dropping your children off at nursery in your commute. If you are applying for the higher amount, remember to also include the distance of your commute in your application. We will send you our decision once we have processed your application. Mobility allowances are always paid in arrears. You will receive your first allowance payment no sooner than approximately three weeks after you start work. If you are applying for a mobility allowance on the basis of part-time work, we will not be able to process your application until we know which days you have worked. Please let us know as soon as possible if your situation changes.

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