Are you an unemployed teaching assistant during the summer because of school holidays?

Do you work as a special needs teaching assistant and are unemployed during the school summer holidays? You can receive earnings-related allowance during school holidays if
  • you are laid off or
  • your employment contract states that wages and work will be interrupted during the school holidays, or
  • your employment ends on a fixed-term basis.
Please note that you must register with the TE Office as an unemployed job seeker to receive earnings-related allowance. Make sure to register as a job-seeker no later than on the first day of your unemployment.  

Do you have a part-time job?

If you work part-time and are a job seeker at the TE Office, you can apply for adjusted earnings-related allowance from the unemployment fund while you also work. If you have applied for adjusted daily allowance during your work before the school's summer holiday, you can continue submitting applications in the same rate as before. If you have not applied for adjusted daily allowance in addition to your part-time job and only apply for earnings-related allowance during the school holiday period, remember to register with the TE Office as a job seeker. You can register as a jobseeker and fill in the earnings-related allowance application as early as 1 June 2023, even if your work does not cease until later in June. Fill in the earnings-related allowance applications in full calendar month periods (e.g. 1–30 June 2023). Please note that we will pay your adjusted earnings-related allowance if you are paid for part-time work during the mediation period. If you receive any pays, please report it in your application. Example: You work part-time as a teaching assistant. You are applying for earnings-related allowance for the period 1–30 June 2023. Your employer will pay you holiday pay on 15 June 2023. We will pay you adjusted earnings-related allowance for June, because you have received holiday pay earned from part-time work in June.  

What attachments are needed for the application?

If you are laid off during the summer, attach a lay-off notice to your earnings-related allowance application. If you have not been laid off and your employment contract has a clause that suspends work and pay for the duration of the school holidays, attach the employment contract to your application. Attachments do not need to be resubmitted if you have delivered them to us before. You can find more detailed instructions on how to apply for earnings-related allowance and a list of other possible attachments under Applying for earnings-related allowance.