Member satisfaction with Aaria at a high level

We conducted a member satisfaction survey in January 2024. Its purpose was to gather feedback on interactions with Aaria, our services, and our websites. A total of 774 members responded to the survey. According to the results of the member satisfaction survey, we have been very successful in our efforts. We were particularly commended for our customer service's expertise and our staff's customer service spirit, as well as the reliability of our application processing. The survey also provided valuable feedback on areas we can still improve. The adequacy of our telephone service hours was mentioned as an area for development. Overall, our members' satisfaction with Aaria's services is at a high level, with an average rating of 5.13 on a scale of 1–6 (1 = poor, 6 = excellent). Additionally, the NPS score, which measures customers' willingness to recommend our services to others, is a strong 69. Compared to the corresponding survey in 2022, satisfaction with Aaria's services has improved even further. At that time, the average rating was 4.94, and the NPS score was 59.  

Feedback from our members:

"Everything has always worked brilliantly for me: interactions are clear, and issues are resolved quickly. Thank you!" "I am completely satisfied with the service I have received. Aaria has good service and service-minded customer service." "I have been well advised even in tricky situations, so nothing has been left uncertain." "I have been extremely satisfied, and my expectations have been exceeded on many occasions."  

Thanks from our Personnel Manager

"Most often, our members contact us in situations where the practices related to applying for unemployment benefits seem difficult, and questions about their own livelihood can cause concerns. For this reason, we want to meet our members in customer service situations kindly, guide them through issues related to unemployment insurance, and clearly communicate what information we need for the smooth processing of applications. We have invested in our customer service, and the survey results show that we have been successful in our goals. Thank you to each member who participated in the survey; your opinions are valuable to us. We will continue to listen to our members' wishes and develop our customer service in as member-focused a direction as possible." - Petteri Syväoja