The membership fee for 2024 is EUR 6.5 per month

The membership fee of the Unemployment Fund Aaria decreases from EUR 7 to EUR 6.5 per month next year. The total membership fee for the entire year 2024 is 78 euros. Unemployment Fund Aaria’s membership fees are set by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority each year.  

Membership fee invoices are sent at the beginning of the year

We will send membership fee invoices to our individual members in January–February 2024. The membership fees of those who belong to the fund through a trade union are invoiced by the union. If you are a Aaria member through a trade union, please contact your trade union in matters related to membership fees if necessary. The membership fee of the unemployment fund is the same for all members and must be paid even if you are unemployed, on parental leave, on childcare leave, in military service or a student.  

More information

For more information about the membership fee, go to Membership fees.