Restructuring protection training

If you are entitled to the new restructuring protection package, you also have a right to receive restructuring protection training. Your local TE Office will determine whether or not you qualify. Restructuring protection training is designed to promote re-employment or self-employment, and the enrolment process is coordinated by the TE Office. The training will be provided by your local TE Office or ELY Centre. In order to qualify for restructuring protection training, you must sign up as a job-seeker with the TE Office no later than 60 days after your termination. Please note that the time of termination refers to the date on which you were given notice of your termination.  

Content and duration of restructuring protection training

Restructuring protection training is designed to promote re-employment or self-employment, and the training programme that you choose must therefore increase your chances of finding new work. The TE Office will assess whether the content and duration of the training you have chosen meet the criteria of restructuring protection training. The total length of restructuring protection training is limited to six months, and the training can consist of several different programmes or modules. The final course or module must begin no later than three months after the end of your employment. The deadline can be extended in special circumstances, but the final course or module must always begin within 12 months after the end of your employment. The cost of your restructuring protection training cannot exceed the equivalent of two months’ salary. The cap on the value of your restructuring protection training is calculated in the same way as your restructuring protection allowance. The TE Office will advise you on questions related to restructuring protection training. For more information, please contact your local TE Office.  

Impact of restructuring protection training on your earnings-related unemployment allowance

You will still be able to receive an earnings-related unemployment allowance even if you are attending restructuring protection training full-time. If you enrol in restructuring protection training after your employment ends, you can claim an earnings-related allowance for the duration of the training. However, as restructuring protection training does not count as a ‘service that promotes employment’, you will not be able to claim an earnings-related increment or travel expenses. You will be under no obligation to attend restructuring protection training even if you have agreed with the TE Office to include restructuring protection training in your employment plan. In other words, your earnings-related allowance will not be affected if you decide not to attend or if you drop out.

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