Exempt amount

‘Exempt amount’ means the amount that you can earn without its affecting your earnings-related allowance. We adjust your earnings-related allowance by deducting 50% of the portion of your income that exceeds the exempt amount. There is no exempt amount in the context of the alternation allowance. The exempt amount was EUR 300 for a one-month application period and EUR 279 for a four-week application period. The exempt amount is deducted from the income on which you pay tax at source, i.e. your gross income. If your taxable income does not exceed the exempt amount, you will receive your full earnings-related allowance. Remember to always declare your income in your application even if it does not exceed the exempt amount. There is an exception to the rule about the exempt amount: There is a cap on the amount of the adjusted allowance. If your income is equal to or greater than the wage on which your earnings-related allowance is based, we cannot pay you an adjusted allowance. The exempt amount does not apply in such circumstances.

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