Applying for an adjusted allowance

The application period for an adjusted allowance depends on your employer’s payroll cycle. If you are paid monthly or twice a month, you will need to apply for your adjusted allowance on a monthly basis. If you receive your wages at two-week intervals, you can apply for an adjusted allowance for periods of four calendar weeks. For general instructions on how to apply for an earnings-related allowance, see Applying for an earnings-related allowance. You will also find a list of supporting documents that you need to enclose with your first application on that page. Here is how to apply for an adjusted allowance after your first application:
  1. Record your working days and hours in the application according to when you actually worked. Annual leave and paid sick leave also count as days worked.
  2. Enclose your employment contract, if you have not already supplied it. If you have no written employment contract, enclose evidence of the principal terms applicable to your work.
  3. We receive information about your wages from part-time work from the Incomes Register, but there are sometimes details missing. If necessary, we will ask you or your employer for additional information regarding your wages. To speed up processing, you can include your payslip with your application.
  4. Follow the instructions for completing the application and let us know about any changes that could affect your earnings-related allowance.
You can submit your application via our eService or send it to us by post. Please note that in order to avoid delays, you must submit your earnings-related allowance application within three months of the first date covered by the application.

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