Lay-off with reduced daily working hours

‘Lay-off with reduced daily working hours’ means having your working day shortened by your employer. If your employer has put you on reduced daily working hours, you can apply for an adjusted allowance. Your income will be taken into account in the amount of your adjusted allowance according to when you were paid. Make sure to sign up as a job-seeker with the TE Office no later than on the first day of your lay-off. The TE Office will give your unemployment fund a labour policy statement about your circumstances. For part-time lay-offs, working hours are calculated adjustment period at a time. If you have been laid off with reduced daily working hours, your earnings-related allowance will be adjusted and your working hours will be taken into account on a payment basis. The payment-based adjustment rule means accounting for your working hours according to the adjustment period during which you were paid for the work. Please fill in your earnings-related allowance application according to your employer’s payroll cycle, either for four full calendar weeks or one full month at a time. Remember to break down your hours by day. Please enclose the following evidence of your pay and employment with your application:
  • Employment contract
  • Lay-off notice
  • Payslip for the application period in question
You can find more information about applying for an adjusted allowance under Applying for an adjusted allowance.

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