New restructuring protection package

The new restructuring protection package for those aged 55 and over has become available on 1 January 2023. This also phases out the entitlement to additional days of earnings-related unemployment allowance. The new restructuring protection package is available not only to private-sector employees but also to government officials and public-sector employees regardless of the size of the employer.  

What is included in the new restructuring protection package?

Those eligible for the new restructuring protection package are entitled to
  • a restructuring protection allowance corresponding to one month’s salary from their unemployment fund,
  • restructuring protection training for a period of up to six months, corresponding in value to a maximum of two months’ salary, and
  • five extra days of re-employment leave for those whose notice period is longer than one month.
Unemployment funds answer their members’ questions about the restructuring protection allowance and pay allowances based on their members’ applications. The TE Office will advise you on questions related to restructuring protection training. For information about re-employment leave and other elements of the restructuring protection package, talk to your employer or trade union.

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