Electrical Workers´ Unemployment Fund to merge with Unemployment Fund Aaria

The Financial Supervisory Authority has approved Electrical Workers’ Unemployment Fund to merge with Unemployment Fund Aaria on 1 January 2023.  

Impact of the merger on members

The merger does not require any action from the members of the funds. The merger will not result in changes to the unemployment security earned by members or to the payment of earnings-related allowance.  

Benefits of the merger

As a result of the merger, the membership of the Unemployment Fund Aria will increase by about 18,000 new members. In addition, the fund gains access to new personnel resources. The merger is expected to bring benefits to the fund's finances, administration and services, as our ability to respond to the growing obligations of the funds is reinforced. Unemployment Fund Aaria has listed controlled growth and the development of services as its key objectives until 2030. The merger will help us achieve these objectives. Following the merger, Unemployment Fund Aaria will have approximately 115,000 members in total.