Income for adjustment

‘Income for adjustment’ includes all your earnings from work. Income is adjusted based on gross amounts. Income for adjustment includes, for example,
  • basic pay and any applicable supplements and allowances
  • holiday bonus and holiday compensation
  • annual holiday pay for part-time work
  • pay for the period of notice for part-time work
  • performance-based pay such as commissions and bonuses
  • employer’s endowment insurance contributions
  • taxable portion of employer’s voluntary purchased life annuity contributions
  • cash withdrawals from a flexible working time account
  • intellectual property remunerations such as royalties and operation fees
  • income from running a business or self-employment
  • earnings from dividends
  • taxable portion of scholarships or grants paid by the employer
  • remuneration for acting as shop steward or occupational safety and health representative
  • remunerations equivalent to pay
  • taxable earnings from forestry
  • taxable earnings from agriculture and
  • earnings from reindeer husbandry.
Income earned from full-time work over a period of more than two weeks or from running a business full-time for longer than two weeks will not be taken into account in the adjustment. Income earned over a period during which you were not entitled to an earnings-related allowance may not need to be taken into account in the adjustment. Examples of income that will not be taken into account include income earned during a mandatory waiting period imposed by the TE Office and income earned from full-time work over a period of more than two weeks. However, any income that you earned while not signed up as a job-seeker with the TE Office will be taken into account in the adjustment.

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