Premature termination or suspension of alternation leave

You can agree with your employer to end your alternation leave early. In such circumstances, you will lose your remaining alternation leave and will no longer be entitled to an alternation allowance. Your alternation leave will be deemed to have ended regardless of what you have agreed with your employer if
  • you become entitled to a maternity, special maternity, paternity, pregnancy, special pregnancy or parental allowance under the Health Insurance Act,
  • you are granted leave due to pregnancy, childbirth or child care, or
  • you begin to receive a special care allowance.
However, if any of the aforementioned circumstances only lasts for up to 18 days, you will not lose your remaining alternation leave and instead your leave will be suspended. You will not be paid an alternation allowance for the duration of the suspension. Your alternation leave will continue as originally agreed after the suspension. Please note that if your alternation leave ends up being shorter than 100 days due to premature termination, the terms of alternation leave will not be satisfied. In such circumstances, we will have to recover the alternation allowance payments made to you. If you temporarily return to work for the employer from whom you took alternation leave, you will not be paid an alternation allowance for the days you work. You will nevertheless be using up your alternation leave while you work.

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