The earnings-related allowance, alternation allowance and mobility allowance count as taxable income, which your unemployment fund taxes at source on behalf of the Finnish Tax Administration. The amount of the tax deduction depends on your tax deduction card. If you have been a member of Aaria since the beginning of the year, we get the details of your annual wage-based tax deduction card from the Finnish Tax Administration automatically. You therefore do not have to send us your tax deduction card. However, if we base your allowance on your wage-based tax deduction card, we always have to deduct at least 25% tax at source. If you wish, you can request a revised tax deduction card to account for your benefits from the Finnish Tax Administration. If we can base your allowance on a revised tax deduction card, we can deduct tax at source based on the tax rate indicated in the card. Please note that we cannot use a tax card for seafarer's income. Although the 2023 tax card is only valid until 31 December 2023, we will still use it in January 2024. If the annual income limit is exceeded in December, we will only use the additional percentage for benefits paid in December. In January, the annual income limit will be reset and we will withhold tax from the benefit to be paid in January again according to the basic percentage for 2023.  

How do I request a revised tax deduction card?

You can request a revised tax deduction card from your local tax office or via the Finnish Tax Administration’s MyTax service. When you report the Unemployment Fund Aria as the payer of the benefit, the information about your tax card will be automatically updated in our system within one or two business days. We will use the information in your revised tax deduction card from the day we get it. The MyTax service can issue you a revised tax deduction card if you declare your benefits when you submit your request. You will find the amount of your benefits in your unemployment fund’s decision or your payment notice. If you have not yet received our decision on your benefits, you can use our daily allowance calculator to estimate the amount.

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