Membership while abroad

Posted workers

If you are posted to work abroad by a Finnish employer, you will still be covered by the Finnish unemployment security system. We recommend that you keep your membership with your unemployment fund active in these circumstances. If you are about to be posted to work in another country, make sure to request an A1 certificate from the Finnish Centre for Pensions before you go. The certificate proves that you qualify for social security in Finland while you work abroad.  

Membership while in the EU

If you work in Sweden or Denmark, you can join a local unemployment fund there. In such circumstances, you can cancel your membership with Unemployment Fund Aaria by writing to our customer service. There is no need to be a member of an unemployment fund in two different countries at the same time. The unemployment security systems of other EU countries (EU/EEA Member States, Switzerland and Great Britain) are based on universal unemployment protection. This means that you are automatically insured against unemployment through your work. You do not need to be a member of a Finnish unemployment fund in these circumstances.  

Membership while outside of the EU

If you intend to work in a country outside of the EU (EU/EEA Member States, Switzerland and Great Britain), it can sometimes make sense to keep your membership with your Finnish unemployment fund active while you are there. When you return to Finland from outside of the EU, you cannot join an unemployment fund while unemployed like you can when returning from the EU. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you are unsure about your circumstances. However, if you work outside of the EU for so long that you longer satisfy the employment requirement based on work performed in Finland within the 28-month review period, you will need to resatisfy the employment requirement by working in Finland whatever your circumstances. In such cases it may be sensible to cancel your membership with your Finnish unemployment fund for the duration of your stay abroad. Please remember, however, that you will only be able to rejoin after you return to work in Finland.

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