Unemployment Fund Aaria provides its members with earnings-related allowances, mobility allowances and restructuring protection allowances pursuant to the Unemployment Allowances Act and alternation allowances pursuant to the Act on Job Alternation Leave. To perform these tasks, Aaria needs to keep records of its members.  

Where do we get our information?

We mostly collect information about you from yourself when you apply for membership, during your membership and if you apply for benefits through us. We may also request information from your employers or clients, providers of services that promote employment, government authorities and other organisations that perform a public duty. If you are a member of Unemployment Fund Aaria through your trade union, we also get information about, for example, your membership and membership fee payments from your union. We also retrieve records from official databases that we can legally access in order to grant benefits.  

Data protection

If you want to send us documents electronically, we recommend that you use our secure eService. Regular e-mail is not secure enough to send personal information. If you do not have access to a secure e-mail system and you cannot use our eService, send us an e-mail at to let us know. We will send you a secure e-mail address to which you can reply. We always use secure encryption technology if we have to share information with, for example, government authorities over the internet. Our staff are legally bound to confidentiality. We also train all our staff on privacy to ensure that they understand the key concepts of data protection. This ensures that our staff always follow general data protection regulations when they process your information. Each member of our staff has their own username and password, and access to personal files is given on a need-to-know basis. Only those members of our staff who need your personal information in order to perform their job have access to your file.  

Who do we share your information with?

We may share your information not just with yourself but also with the Finnish Tax Administration, Finnish ministries, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Social Insurance Institution (SII), the Unemployment Insurance Fund and other authorities that have a legal right to receive information from unemployment funds. We may also be asked to share your information with, for example, social services, enforcement authorities, criminal investigation authorities and courts, educational establishments, insurance and pension providers, who have a legal right to request information from unemployment funds. Our payment system provider is Futunio Oy, which also needs access to our register of members and membership fees. Our contract with Futunio Oy incorporates the requirements arising from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. If you are a member of Unemployment Fund Aaria through your trade union, we share information about your membership fee payments with your union. We never share your personal data in our member and payment register with third parties or transfer files to third countries outside of the EU or the EEA or to international organisations. We also never use your information for direct marketing purposes.  

Register of members and membership fees

Our register of members and membership fees is where we store personal files of our members and recipients of benefits. You can read more about the register in our privacy policy. If you are a member of Unemployment Fund Aaria, you can access your membership record and view your payments via our eService using your online banking credentials. If you notice a mistake in your contact information or if you have switched bank accounts, you can edit your profile yourself via our eService or ask us to make the necessary changes. You can also ask to see all the personal information that we have about you in our register. We have prepared an information request form for this purpose, which you can send to us via our eService. We will send you the information in a secure e-mail. Unemployment Fund Aaria’s information request form (PDF): Information request form  

Unemployment Fund Aaria’s website

Unemployment funds have a legal obligation to provide information, and our website is one of the means by which we discharge our obligation. We use cookies to customise the content and advertisements we provide, to support social media features and to analyse our visitor numbers. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Our partners may combine this information with other information that you have provided to them or that has been collected when you have used their services. You can change or withdraw your consent on our site via the cookie notice. The cookie notice can be found via the icon at the bottom left of the page. The data we collect through our site include for example:
  • the data we collect through our site include
  • IP address
  • title and URL of the page being viewed
  • screen resolution being used
  • time in local user’s timezone
  • files that were clicked and downloaded
  • links to an outside domain that were clicked
  • pages generation time
  • location of the user
  • main language of the browser being used
  • browser being used
  • device being used and the operating system
We use the data to improve our site. We do this with the help of Matomo Analytics. More information about the Matmomo Analytics can be found on the website of Matomo. Our eService is a separate website that does not use our website’s cookies.  

Unemployment Fund Aaria's social media channels

In addition to our website, we publish announcements and information on our social media channels: LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook. If you visit these channels while signed in, your data may be transferred outside the EU by the operator of the social media platform. The operators of social media platforms process data in accordance with their data protection principles and are primarily responsible for complying with data protection legislation and enforcing data security and the rights of the data subject in their services. You can manage your privacy settings for the social media service in the service in question. LinkedIn privacy policy X (Twitter) privacy policy Instagram privacy policy Facebook privacy policy We process user data from Facebook and Instagram for the purpose of tracking the use of the channels. However, individual users are not identifiable from visitor data processed by the operators of service platforms, and the data is only visible to us as statistical data. For signed-in and registered users, we receive from the operator of the social media platform the following personal data: name, public profile picture and other information made publicly visible by the user. In practice, the same information that is visible to all other users of the social media platform.  

Data protection officer

Unemployment Fund Aaria’s data protection officer is Arto Pirinen. You can contact him by e-mail at  

Unemployment Fund Aaria’s privacy policy

You can read more about privacy and data protection in our privacy policy (PDF)

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