Questions about Aaria’s services

I am having problems at the workplace. Can I get legal advice from Unemployment Fund Aaria to resolve the situation?

Unemployment funds cannot provide legal advice on employment-related problems. Contact your trade union in legal issues related to your employment. Trade unions also offer other membership benefits. You can find a list of our member unions under Member unions. Your task is to provide income security for our members in accordance with the Unemployment Security Act. We pay our members earnings-related daily allowance, alternation allowance and mobility allowance. We will gladly advise you in any questions related to these benefits.

Where can I see my decision and payment notice?

You will receive a decision in the mail in a few workdays after your application has been processed. You can also view the decision in our eService on the Status tab. You can receive benefit decisions and payment notices electronically through eService instead of by post. You can easily change the delivery methods for decision yourself through the settings of eService. Please note that you won’t necessarily receive a new decision for follow-up applications, only a payment notice. You can choose the delivery method for the payment notice in the eService settings. Depending on your choice, you will receive payment notices:
  • in the eService and by text message, or
  • in the eService and by mail,
  • in the eService only.
If you do not change the delivery method, you will receive payment notices in the eService and mailed to your home.

How do I find out how much allowance Aaria has paid me this year?

You can check your allowance payments from the most recent payment notice. You can view your payment notices in the eService on the Tilannetiedot (status) tab. In the upper right corner of the payment notice is a column showing the amount of allowance paid in the current year. Please note that the balance on the payment notice shows payments based on the payment date. At the turn of the year, the allowance paid for December may not be visible until the payment date in January of the new year. If necessary, you can ask our customer service for details about paid allowances.

I can’t access the eService. Can I send you an email?

We recommend that our members use eService for sending messages, applications and attachments. By using the eService, you make sure that your privacy is safe. In addition, your messages, applications and attachments are archived in eService for later viewing. You can reach our customer service by email at Please don’t email us personal or other confidential information if you cannot encrypt the message. If you don’t have access to secure email and cannot use the eService, please contact our customer service. We will send you a secure email address to which you can reply. We will respond to your message within three workdays.

Become a member

Unemployment fund membership gives you security if you ever become unemployed. We offer our members fast, friendly and professional service in unemployment security matters.

  • Membership fee is only €6,5/month.
  • You can join us regardless of what sector you work in.
  • Union members also get support for employment contract matters.
  • Secure your future. We are here for you!