Working towards resatisfying the employment requirement

In addition to full-time work, part-time work and temporary work can also help you to satisfy the employment requirement. Every week during which you work at least 18 hours counts towards resatisfying the employment requirement. The review period during which the employment requirement must be satisfied is 28 months. You satisfy the employment requirement when you have worked for 26 qualifying calendar weeks during the review period. You can satisfy the employment requirement by working several isolated periods, as long as all these take place within the review period. In most cases, only weeks during which you worked at least 18 hours count towards the employment requirement. There are, however, exceptions, such as in the case of teaching staff, athletes and artists. Once you have satisfied the employment requirement, your maximum earnings-related allowance period will reset. We will only recalculate your earnings-related allowance if your new maximum period would begin more than one year after the start of your previous maximum period. Your personal liability period will also reset. The employment requirement will extend from 26 weeks (approximately 6 months) to 12 months as of 2 September 2024. In addition as of 2 September 2024, the employment requirement will accrue based on earnings rather than working hours. You can find more information about the employment requirement under Employment requirement.

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