How do I leave my union and still keep my membership with my unemployment fund?

If you are a member of Unemployment Fund Aaria through your trade union and you want to leave your union but keep your membership with us, you will need to write to both our customer service and your union. Remember to specify the date on which you want the change to take effect in your letter.

When your membership with Unemployment Fund Aaria is not through a union, you are known as an ‘individual member’.

We recommend that you choose to start your individual membership from the first day of the month following your notice of the switch. That way you will avoid paying twice for your membership. Instead, you will pay your membership fee to your union to cover the rest of the month in which you make the switch and then start paying for your individual membership directly to your unemployment fund from the beginning of the following month. We will send you a bill for your membership fees for the remainder of the year.

If your employer deducts your union membership fees from your wages, remember to tell your payroll department to stop collecting payments.

Alternatively, you can authorise us to cancel your union membership on your behalf. If you want us to do that, tell us in your letter.

Become a member

Unemployment fund membership gives you security if you ever become unemployed. We offer our members fast, friendly and professional service in unemployment security matters.

  • Membership fee is only €6,5/month.
  • You can join us regardless of what sector you work in.
  • Union members also get support for employment contract matters.
  • Secure your future. We are here for you!