Questions about alternation allowance

In what situations should I check the length of my employment history from the unemployment fund beforehand?

If you have been employed long enough that there is no doubt that the required employment history is met, you do not need to check your employment history with us before applying for alternation allowance. If, for example, your employment history consists of many temporary jobs and periods comparable to employment, such as parental leave or military service, you can ask us to check that you meet the employment history requirement. Send the request to calculate your employment history to us in writing in the eService, for example. In any case, we will check the length of your employment history when we process your application.

I want to take alternation leave. What do I need to do?

Steps to take before your alternation leave: Make arrangements with your employer and sign an alternation leave agreement. If necessary, you can ask your unemployment fund to calculate your employment history before you sign the agreement. Make sure to submit your alternation leave agreement to the TE Office well in advance of starting your alternation leave. The TE Office is responsible for checking some of the eligibility criteria for taking alternation leave. The TE Office will give a statement about your eligibility to your unemployment fund electronically when your alternation leave is about to begin. Please make sure that the TE Office has all the information they need to give a statement. Submit your alternation allowance application and supporting documents to your unemployment fund when you are about to start your alternation leave. You will find instructions for applying for an alternation allowance under Applying for an alternation allowance.

How do I apply for alternation allowance?

To apply for an alternation allowance, you will need to submit a written application to your unemployment fund. You will find the alternation allowance application form under Forms. There is no separate application form for alternation allowance in our eService. However, you can send the application and supporting documents as attachments in the eService. Alternatively, you can send your application and supporting documents to your unemployment fund by post.

When should I send my application?

Send us the alternation allowance application form when you are about to go on alternation leave. A single application covers the allowance for the whole of your leave. We will start processing your application when your alternation leave begins. We will contact you if we need any further information. You will receive our decision on your alternation allowance in connection with your first payment. Please make sure to submit your alternation allowance application within the first three months of your alternation leave to avoid delays with your application.

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